Rebalance was created to offer surgical patients in Orange County an ideal option for their surgical recovery. Our guests won't risk staying alone in a hotel or at home in those critical days following surgery. They want a nurse in person and at their bedside in minutes if complications arise. They choose not to ask for help from family or friends. They don't want to impose and know that a licensed nurse is a better caretaker in the days following surgery than a husband or neighbor with no medical training. They don't want to recover in a hospital or convalescent facility because the prices are exorbitant and the environment is often sterile and unpleasant.

Rebalance solves that problem. We take care of everything you need in the days following your surgery. We want you to be cared for and comforted as you focus on healing your mind and body.

Creating a Sanctuary

Rebalance makes recovery about reconnecting to your spirit. We know how to reduce your discomfort following surgery with the latest medical techniques for patient care. But we also tune into the holistic side of recovery, as we seek to heal all of you from the inside out. We calm your senses with aromatherapy, soothe your nerves with meditative sounds, and nourish your body with healthy foods.

Holistic Healing Services

We offer a wide range of holistic healing services that you may request to enhance your recovery. These include in-room massage therapy, hypnotherapy, facials, nutrition counseling and acupuncture. Please talk to one of our Healing Coordinators to learn more about your options.

Discretion and Privacy

We are discreet and committed to your privacy. We will take you from your doctor's office to our center in a luxury car with tinted windows. You'll enter through the side door of the hotel or the private garage of the house. Rebalance keeps your recovery private.

Cutting Edge Technology

Rebalance relies upon the most advanced electronic medical records and communication technology available. Your surgeon will have real-time and seamless access to your chart from an app on his phone. He'll always have up-to-the-minute status updates on your healing progress. These systems confidentially maintain your records, share them only with your doctor's office, and are secure and HIPAA compliant.

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