Meeting the Highest Standards

The licensed nurses at Rebalance meet the highest standards for patient care and comfort. All of our nurses must pass Rebalance Certified™, our proprietary training program. This ensures our nurses use the latest advances for handling post-surgical medical care. They are also trained in our customer service standards and become skilled in using our patient management system.

We've Got You Covered

Rebalance's nurses will follow your surgeon's directions and provide you with the care you need to accelerate your recovery. Our nurses remain in constant contact with your surgeon regarding your condition and needs. They will check in on any unusual reactions and needs you may have. They will follow your doctor's protocols regarding your care. They are licensed to administer all your medications and healing therapies.

Around-the-Clock Assistance

Our nurses will handle all the details of post-operative care and monitoring, around-the-clock assistance, pain management, and dressing changes. They will check in on you regularly during your stay to make sure that you are healing and your pain levels are managed.

We take great pride in not only our patient's safety and emotional wellbeing, but in their privacy and security. We offer discretion, transporting you from your doctor's office in a luxury car with tinted windows. We maintain your confidentiality through our HIPAA compliant database and record management system.

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