Nightly Room Rates

Our room rates are 100% based on the type of services you choose as well as the size and location of the room you request. Contact us now to discuss your needs.

Rates include an overnight stay in one of our private luxurious rooms, round-the–clock care by a Rebalance Certified nurse, light meals and drinks from our select menu, transport to and from your doctor’s office, and basic supplies. Although we have our own luxury vehicles with professional drivers, discounts are available if you provide your own transport. There is no additional fee for a relative or friend to stay with you. In fact, we encourage it.

Additional Charges

Additional charges may apply for valet parking, phone calls, on-demand movies, and room service. Rebalance may charge separately if your doctor or you order a sequential compression device, extra medical supplies, holistic services, or other services not included in the room rate. A 72-hour cancellation policy may be in effect. Please talk to your Healing Coordinator for more details on pricing.

Rebalance Certified™ Nurses in Your Home

If you are unable to stay at Rebalance, you may still want our Rebalance Certified™ nurses to care for you in your Orange County home or hotel. We offer private duty nurses experienced in post-surgical care and certified by Rebalance.

Optional Services

We offer a range of holistic healing services that you may include to enhance your recovery. If you would like to take your healing to the next level, we encourage you to use our recommended healing team:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Nutritionist
  • Reflexology
  • Acupuncture

We encourage you to explore how these services can help you recover while at Rebalance and afterward.

We also offer spa services if you'd like to indulge during your stay at Rebalance. These include in-room makeovers, manicure and pedicures, and hair styling.

Book Your Stay

To book your stay at Rebalance, please fill out the form below and a Healing Coordinator will contact you shortly.

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