Specially Trained Nurses

Our services are centered around our amazing nurses. You will be under the care of our trained and licensed nurses at all times during your stay at Rebalance. Our nurses take great pride in our guest's safety and well-being. We only employ nurses who understand that your health and comfort are our top priorities. We meticulously strive to follow each and every doctor's protocol and preference.

Complete Assistance

Our services begin after your procedure. Our staff will pick you up from your doctor's office following your procedure. We will review the post-surgical care instructions directly with your doctor's staff. We then will transport you in our luxury sedan from the doctor's office to our center. Once in your room, the Rebalance nurse will settle you in and discuss your care guidelines with you. We will also bring you back to the doctor the next day for your follow-up appointment.

All Aspects of Recovery

During your stay, we will manage all aspects of your care. We are licensed to administer your injectable pain medication. We will take care of your ice therapies. We will closely follow your doctor's protocols and follow-up directly with any questions or concerns. We will provide your doctor with regular updates on your recovery. We carefully monitor vitals, medications and lend our expertise to support your care and healing.

With our licensed nurses handling your care, you can simply rest, relax and recover.

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