The Most Advanced Technology Available

Rebalance relies on the most advanced electronic medical records and communication technology available. Our system is cloud based, so there is no software for your surgeon to download or hardware for him to purchase. He has the ability to enter, access, and update your records or coordinate care with Rebalance from anywhere there is internet access.

With this technology, we can take care of you in a more efficient and safe manner. There is no duplication of information and no need for voicemails, emails or texts back and forth with the doctor.

Enhanced Security & Privacy

Our guests also benefit from the enhanced security and privacy offered by this system. There is no worry about misplaced paper files, or improper removal of documents from the file. All your information is safe and secure, under password protection and with a reliable audit trail, so we know it is only seen by your nurses who have a need to know.

Advanced Features

  • Integrated with labs for electronic delivery of results
  • Dragon Speak compatible, handwriting recognition for flexible input
  • Simple user interface
  • Secured messaging allowing you to communicate with staff as well as other offices to collaborate care
  • Easy to read reports
  • Automatically identify non-compliant population
  • Easy dashboard
  • Role based access

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